Discover the vibrant story of Hanadi, the Head of Talent at Hanadi shares her unique perspective on talent acquisition, emphasizing the blend of impactful work, continuous learning, and a collaborative ethos at From her aspirations for effective recruitment to fostering a dynamic work culture, Hanadi unravels her role in building a strong team.

Can you provide a brief introduction about yourself?

I’m Hanadi, the Head of Talent at Beyond work, I live in Stockholm and I’m a mom of a six-year-old daughter. I’m also a self-proclaimed “Humus-Queen”, driven by my passion for cooking, especially Middle-Eastern cuisine.

You have a diverse background both in IT and recruitment, how does this influence your work at

When I arrived in Sweden, and received my first laptop, I became instantly captivated by computers. I wanted to understand everything about it and help other people navigate the world of IT. I initially focused on software engineering, but my interest in connecting with people led me to transition into recruitment. This shift allowed me to bridge the gap between candidates and hiring managers, using my deep understanding of the tech industry. Facing challenges in my own job search due to recruiter limitations, I felt inspired to change how tech recruitment works. My unique background enables me to see both sides -candidate and hiring manager- helping me understand organizational needs and technical details. This blend of tech knowledge and recruitment skills allows me to navigate talent acquisition with a fresh and insightful perspective.

What inspired you to join

Well, in my own job search, I had a list of criteria. turned out to align perfectly with all of them. embodies all the key elements I sought in an employer, making it an ideal fit for both my professional goals and personal preferences:

  • Impactful work and the opportunity for continuous learning. 
  • Collaboration with knowledgeable and experienced people.
  •’s focus on Quality Assurance resonates with my software engineering background, creating a synergy between my skills and mission.
  • Work-life balance and remote flexibility: the combination of working from home and connecting with colleagues at the office is very important to me.
  • Contributing to building something impactful from the ground up allows me to be part of a meaningful process from the beginning.

Which challenge are you most looking forward to tackling?

My primary focus is to enhance our brand awareness. In addition, I’m looking forward to building our team and hiring the right people. At we love learning, adapting, and growing together. This creates a special environment where we celebrate both our wins and our learning opportunities as a team.

What aspect of your role brings you the greatest satisfaction?

Facilitating matchmaking between candidates, roles, and hiring managers, along with raising awareness for the brand.

What are your aspirations for your role at

I want to ensure effective recruitment and successful talent acquisition. I want to build strong teams, give candidates a great experience, focus on our employer branding, and eventually make data-driven hiring decisions. It’s about finding the right people who fit our values and culture.

How would you describe the team at

I’m the first woman to join the company, but the inclusive and friendly atmosphere goes beyond gender or background differences. The team’s dedication to the product and collaborative efforts fosters unity, highlighting our shared goal. I’m impressed by the strong foundation supporting a culture of growth, ensuring the environment remains robust and thrives with the company’s expansion.

How about the work environment?

We’re currently in an exhilarating and creative phase where every team member can make a substantial impact. Our company culture actively fosters innovation. Emphasizing collaboration, our collective talents and experience shine through in our innovative approach to product development.

What excites you outside of work?

I proudly embrace my inner nerd. When I dive into something, I do it with full enthusiasm. Whether it’s exploring new recipes (my family is both lucky and patient taste-testers), trying my hand at embroidery, or video games which I played a lot in the past. My current passion revolves around fitness, particularly weightlifting, where I channel my enthusiasm.

What leadership principle resonates most with you?

I prefer a leadership approach that differs from traditional norms. In my role as a team lead, I aimed to guide through collaboration. I consistently try to empower and inspire the team to make decisions collectively. This approach nurtures a collaborative environment where decisions are a team effort.

Who serves as your biggest inspiration?

I find inspiration in the people I meet every day, whether it’s my family or candidates. My daughter’s strong determination and drive particularly energize me. Motivation and inspiration are everywhere, coming from the varied experiences of female software engineers and the remarkable women I’ve met in my career. This shared enthusiasm gives me a positive outlook on the future, not only for myself but also for my daughter.