About Us

Join us in our mission to leverage AI to blend the expertise of QA engineers with the efficiency of automated testing.

Our Mission

Our Mission QA.tech emerged from the recognition that traditional QA testing, while essential, is often perceived as time-consuming and monotonous. Developers prefer focusing on product development rather than writing and maintaining tests. To address this challenge, QA.tech was founded with the mission of automating QA testing using AI technology, freeing up developers’ time and reducing errors.

Backed by a $1 million pre-seed funding round, QA.tech aims to revolutionize software testing by combining the efficiency of end-to-end tests with the precision of manual testing. The founding team, comprising entrepreneurs and engineers with vast experience in technology and entrepreneurship, is dedicated to making QA testing more efficient and accessible for businesses across the globe.

Our Vision

At QA.tech, our goal is to not just keep pace with the future but to actively shape it. By integrating AI into QA, we aim to set new standards for what is possible in software development.

Our vision is clear: to create a world where developers can focus on what they do best, supported by intelligent systems that handle the complexities of quality assurance.

Through innovation and technology, we are building a smarter, more efficient, and more creative future for the tech industry.

Our founders

Tech leader and hands-on engineers for the last 15 years. Previously CTO at memmo, Billogram, Dooer, CEO at Agigen

Daniel Mauno Petterson


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Klarna, Built EQT's Motherbrain over the last 7 years.

Vilhelm von Ehrenheim


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Engineer turned Product. Detail oriented, previously CPO/CTO memmo, Collabs, Besedo, Videofy, Hamsterpaj.

Patrick Lef


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Founder of Flowbox (UGC B2B SaaS platform) & Smart Media (B2B sales).

Marcus Carloni


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Our Values

Our company culture thrives on building cutting-edge products with passion, courage and a forward-thinking mindset at its core. Openness, honesty, and transparency guide our communication, encouraging informed contributions from everyone. Our aim is to create a vibrant, energetic workplace where people are excited to come to work and collaborate. Additionally, employee well-being is central to our culture, with efforts to ensure satisfaction and productivity through flexible work arrangements and support for personal and professional growth.

Quality & Customer Commitment

At the core of our operations is a commitment to quality at every aspect of our work, ensuring we meet customer needs through superior products and a culture of continuous improvement and attention to detail. We focus on customer satisfaction, aligning our solutions with their challenges and goals to exceed expectations and build enduring relationships.

Transparent & Inclusive

We’ve established an open communication culture where everyone feels valued and heard. Transparency, by openly sharing information, decisions, and processes, builds trust and accountability. We welcome and offer equal opportunities for all, appreciating the strength of different perspectives and backgrounds.

Creative & Courageous

Creativity and courage drive our innovation and forward-thinking solutions. Embracing a creative mindset, we explore new ideas and experiment without fear of failure, learning from each attempt. Our courage in taking calculated risks and making bold decisions, even under uncertainty, helps us navigate challenges and seize opportunities, ensuring we stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

People First & Work-Life Harmony

Our team’s wellbeing is crucial to our success, focusing on respect, empathy, and support for individual needs and aspirations. We foster a supportive environment that promotes professional and personal growth. Work-life harmony integrates work and personal life in a healthy, fulfilling way, enhancing individual and team success. This approach boosts

What our employees are saying

Helena Nordh Isaksson

"The best part about working at QA.tech is the team and the people. The atmosphere is very friendly and there are no barriers between roles and teams, you can speak to anyone or ask any question."

Helena Nordh Isaksson

Marketing Director

Daniel Ström

"Everyone here is amazingly skilled at their craft and you learn a lot every day! As a startup, everyone has to pitch in and help out with whatever needs doing - which means you're faced with a large variety of challenges, but always together with an expert within their field."

Daniel Ström

Full Stack Web Developer

Albin Ekblom

"Our team is a powerhouse of experience; each member has over a decade of expertise in the tech space. We’re not just colleagues; we’re like-minded people who share a passion for building and coding, even beyond our work hours."

Albin Ekblom

Software Engineer

Tobias Törnros

"We’re a tight-knit team, all working towards a common goal: building an excellent product. Joining the team during its early stages has been very interesting. We remain focused on the vision while breaking down the journey into smaller, achievable goals. Everyone is highly passionate about building a top-notch product, with a focus on delivering value to our customers."

Tobias Törnros

Founding Engineer