Joining, our new Marketing Director Helena Nordh Isaksson brings over a decade of experience in B2B and tech marketing, combining a rich background in creativity and strategic insight. Discover her passions like music and traveling and her career journey, from early explorations in writing and HTML to marketing strategy at both startups and global corporations.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a driven senior marketing professional and have been working with marketing for over 10 years, but the interest started much earlier. I wrote books and painted at a very young age, and learned HTML on my own in high school, which was around 1997, and obviously back then, there was not information accessible the way it is today. I live in Stockholm and have a husband and a three-year old boy and I’m also a music producer. 

What’s your background, career wise?

As a B2B marketing consultant I’ve worked with both small startups and global corporations and anything in between, so it’s a vertical I know well. But it was never a straight journey from A to Z. I have two bachelor’s degrees, and in high school, math, languages and art were my favorite subjects, but I had a hard time deciding which path to pursue. But once I started working with marketing it all made sense, as I can make use of both my logical and creative side at the same time.

Why did you decide to join

I have a very broad marketing background and know my way around everything from copywriting to design, marketing automation and advertising. I think this aligns well with my current role, as I can jump from one task to another quite easily. When the opportunity to join arose, there was no hesitation from my end. I love building things from scratch and seeing it grow over time. At I will get the opportunity to build our whole marketing strategy from the ground up, together with a very skilled and inspiring team.

What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

Maintaining a balance between operational tasks and strategic thinking, in combination with being the only hire in marketing so far. We’re a startup, so in my role as Marketing Director I handle both content creation hands-on and marketing strategy. It’s a challenge to drive the whole marketing agenda on your own, but it’s also the reason why I love this job and working at Being part of shaping a company from such an early stage is a very special and unique experience.

How would you describe the company culture at

I’d describe it as fun, friendly and inclusive! We’re a team of driven and experienced professionals who respect each other’s areas of expertise, but there’s at the same time a very relaxed atmosphere. Work-life balance is also encouraged, which for me at least is a super important aspect. Obviously we’re still figuring things out since we’re a startup. As the company grows, the culture will grow and change as well, but I think there’s a really good foundation so far. is an AI-powered platform, what’s your personal view on AI?

Many people are afraid of AI and what consequences it will have. I personally think AI can facilitate in many ways. Historically, humans have always been afraid of new technology. Computers. Internet. And so on. I think there’s a lot of potential in AI as long as you use it for the right reasons. I use AI-tools myself in my role as a marketing professional, but it’s never a substitute for something, it’s always because I want to be more productive, get inspiration or find more efficient ways of doing certain tasks. If you see it that way, I think it will open up many doors. Rather than a replacement, it can be something that empowers you and allows you to be more productive.

What do you consider as good leadership?

I believe in freedom under responsibility. To allow people to take ownership and to allow mistakes. That’s how we grow. I believe leadership is about giving direction and provide support, coaching and inspiration. It’s not about knowing the exact methods or ways of reaching a goal – it’s more about being an enabler and empowering your team. I also believe in “learning by doing”. Sitting on a chair thinking about things but being too afraid of trying because of fear that you’re going to fail won’t take you very far.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m into electronic music and produce music myself when I have a spare moment. I also do weight lifting, and like the thrill of being able to lift heavier and heavier. Otherwise I like traveling. I get restless if I don’t have a trip booked, it’s part of my nature to see new places and experience new things. I’m not the kind of person who stays at the beach for one week, I’d go crazy. I’m more adventurous and prefer to explore cities, markets and things like that. Or go bungyjumping!

Do you have a life motto? 

Only regret the things you never did.