For this article, we sat down with Albin, who shares his experiences working at a start-up. He takes us back to his early coding days, opens up about his professional experiences, and delves into his personal interests. Plus, he offers a detailed look into his journey at

Albin, can you share a bit about yourself?

I’ve been developing since I was 15, crafting my first website during my school days. Spending a lot of time online over the years has allowed me to gain valuable insights into how things should work. I live in Stockholm, and I love skiing. I used to compete until I was 18, and I still hit the slopes every winter. I’m also passionate about DJing. I enjoy the balance between working behind a desk and the thrills of performing in front of a crowd in nightclubs.

What’s your background, and how does it influence your work at

In high school, I was already building websites for local businesses. While in school, I developed an app to simplify class schedules, turning a frustrating PDF document into a user-friendly mobile app. Two months after I launched the app, 80% of the people were using it. We even received a grant to further develop the project. After high school, I joined a team to work on more substantial projects and delved into web scraping to make complex data understandable. I’m mostly self-taught, learning through trial and error. My determination helps me break down issues and find solutions effectively.

What’s the primary challenge in your work? 

I would say that determining what to test and how to do it thoroughly can be challenging. It’s a delicate balance that requires constant evaluation.

What inspired you to join

To be honest, I’ve always hated writing tests because it felt unproductive to me. I want to direct all my attention to building things, rather than writing test scripts. However, I do believe in the necessity of testing. You even sleep better at night, knowing that everything you’ve built has been tested and works properly.

Additionally, I’m really fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence. I wanted to work on meaningful projects.’s fast-paced AI environment is not only interesting but also loads of fun. As a developer, I get to learn new things every day, which keeps the job incredibly engaging.

I had previously worked with Daniel and Patrick before, and we got along really well. I knew that by joining, I would be working on dynamic projects and having fun doing so.

What is your favorite task of the day? 

It’s hard to pinpoint a specific task because my work is very diverse. But that’s exactly what I enjoy about it.

What are you most proud of since joining

Setting up internal tools to make development and testing strategies more accessible has been a big achievement. It helps us monitor and understand the testing process better and enables us to quickly debug.

What’s the team like?

Our team is a powerhouse of experience; each member has over a decade of expertise in the tech space. We’re not just colleagues; we’re like-minded people who share a passion for building and coding, even beyond our work hours. It’s a dynamic and energetic environment. We also play in a band together every week, which is great fun. 

How would you describe working at 

It’s a dynamic environment where things move quickly. There are few restrictions, which allows us to make a lot of progress quickly.

What are your interests outside of work?

I love DJing, playing floorball with the team, coding, tinkering with hardware, and automating functionalities at home. During the pandemic, I also bought a 3D printer, which I have used to created various items, such as flowerpots. Cooking is another hobby I thoroughly enjoy.

What’s your favorite leadership principle?

‘Continuous learning.’ Instead of pondering issues or having lengthy meetings, I believe in trying things and learning from mistakes. There’s no shame in making errors; they are valuable learning opportunities. We adapt and grow by doing.

Who inspires you?

I was greatly inspired by Elon Musk’s early work. His work in building Tesla’s and developing reusable rockets was ground-breaking. I admired that innovative spirit and ambition.