Your Autonomous QA Engineer

Our AI tests your web apps and creates bug reports loved by developers.

Already trusted by renowned clients


We continuously scan your site and make a testing plan

We create a comprehensive memory of your web app and the interactions we engage in

Our QA testing agent identifies actions and objectives

Tests are based on the identified objectives

Configure the tests with your own user credentials and data

New features are automatically discovered


Tests are run as part of your development pipeline

Our AI agent reasons and takes steps to achieve test objectives

Multiple personas monitoring the agent create defects varying in severity

The test runs in a browser, similar to manual testing

Real-time feedback on what’s happening

Our AI adapts dynamically to changes on your site


Actionable insights and bug reports

Automatic comments on your pull requests with actionable feedback

Generates developer-friendly bug reports, including console logs, network requests, and more

Replay the tests for further debugging

Export issues to Linear, Jira, Clickup and more

Instant notifications in your preferred messaging app

Ship faster

Developers’ time is valuable. Spend time on improvements, not testing.

Spend less time on testing

Testing takes time from building new features and even minor app changes that require updating the test code

Save money on manual QA

Manual testing is costly and results in slow feedback cycles, which can potentially delay releases

Prevent churn due to bugs

Production bugs can cause strain on support, interrupt developers and even lead to customer loss.

What our customers are saying

We’re nothing without them

Sigge Labor

CTO Leya

QA.tech is a glimpse into the future of engineering excellence. The potential it holds for automating and streamlining our testing processes is unprecedented.

Johan Lindholm

CTO Triggerbee

Getting started with QA.tech's tests is currently very easy, both to initiate a test suite and to integrate it with an existing CD/CI environment. QA.tech is very helpful if something needs to be fixed and works closely with us to develop a good product that suits us.

Alexander Fugah


We believe this AI testing tool will revolutionize our product development going forward. The time we allocate to testing is now dedicated to innovation and refining user experience. We are adding new tests every week and getting suggestions that we really haven't thought about testing before. QA.tech is truly a game-changer for our engineers.

Jacob Klapwijk

Developer StartupTools

Traditionally end-2-end tests require a relatively big amount of manual maintenance, while QA.tech's tests evolve automatically as the product is developed.´

Maximilian Schön

CTO Solkoll.se

The fact that QA.tech acts more like a human and reasons about the UI offers more relevant feedback than having a robot instantly press a button that you told it to press.