The strength of lies within our team. That’s why we prioritize recruiting experienced professionals. Their hands-on capabilities and experience in managing people will be key as we grow our team and develop our product.

Collective Expertise

If I were to describe our working culture, I’d say it’s very much focused on individual excellence and close collaboration. Everybody in our team brings their own technical expertise to the table. By hiring experienced people early in the journey, we can lay a strong foundation and ensure rapid growth from the bottom up. These initial hires are not just team members; they’re the future managers. Understanding the ins and outs of our company and product will make a difference in how we grow, innovate, and solve challenges.

Teamwork in action

At we tackle challenging tasks in a systematic way, moving through the different stages: exploration, specification, and implementation. During the initial, exploration phase, there’s a lot of room for individual research. It’s important to take the necessary time to experiment, investigate, and check out what our competitors are up to. This thorough exploration gives our team the freedom to continuously test new technologies, break boundaries, and explore better, faster, and more innovative options. 

In the specification phase, we really prioritize teamwork. Everyone gets involved, diving into brainstorming sessions, challenging ideas, and working together to engineer solutions. This collaborative spirit flows smoothly, creating a shared understanding among team members. 

When it comes to implementation, it’s all about rolling out the ideas into concrete solutions. The collaborative approach, paired with detailed documentation, facilitates code maintenance and simplifies the process of taking over someone’s work later on if necessary.

Always Growing, Always Learning

Keeping up with the latest innovations in tech is a constant journey of learning and growth. We make sure to stay innovative by teaming up with experts, advisors, and our investors, tapping into their insights and networks. Our team has plenty of chances to level up their skills, and there’s room for team members to move into leadership roles.

Balancing Work and Life

A good work-life balance not only makes our team happier but also boosts productivity. Roughly 50% of our tasks happen remotely, and some of our team members even work from different corners of the world. However, for challenging tasks and critical decisions, we value the impact of face-to-face collaboration. Flexibility is key to us, so we offer adjustable working hours to suit the personal schedules of our team. Our transparent communication processes and thorough documentation methods keep everyone on the same page and help us track progress efficiently. 

Recognizing that life isn’t just about work, we make sure to have regular get-togethers. Our team bonds really well, sharing a passion for tech, music, good food and wine,… and a few of us are also really into sports.  This vibrant atmosphere allows us to work towards the same goal while being able to have a good laugh in-between moments of focused work.

About the author

Daniel Mauno Pettersson is the CEO and Founder of He acts as a Tech Advisor, CTO, and Angel Investor. With a career spanning 16 years, Daniel has traversed diverse roles, starting as a developer, and progressing to key positions such as Head of Product & Development, CEO, and CTO at esteemed companies, including Dooer, Billogram, and memmo. Residing in the vibrant city of Stockholm, Daniel brings both his professional expertise and a personal passion for innovation to the tech industry.