Things have been moving fast since the launch of earlier this year. Today, I am thrilled to announce a significant addition to our team, marking a remarkable leap forward.

Vilhelm von Ehrenheim Joins as Chief AI Officer

In January, Vilhelm (Ville) von Ehrenheim will officially take on the role of Co-founder and Chief AI Officer at Having spent seven years at EQT, Ville played a crucial role in developing the AI-driven investment platform Motherbrain. His extensive experience in the AI landscape and his innovative mindset align perfectly with our mission. Ville’s expertise will elevate our product and redefine the landscape of AI-driven testing.

Ville has been a part of the family since day one, dedicating his time, knowledge, and energy to the project. We’re thrilled to have Ville leading the charge, and we can’t wait to witness the incredible impact he will make.

Scaling up and Building a World-Class AI Team

Looking ahead, we’re gearing up for exciting developments. We are releasing a beta version at the end of the month, with approximately twenty companies already signed up for testing. With Ville on board, we are looking to scale up the team in the spring. His role extends beyond Chief AI Officer; he will play a crucial part in building a world-class AI team under his leadership. Ville’s wealth of experience in deploying large-scale AI systems, coupled with a deep understanding of startup culture, will propel to new heights.

A Visionary Approach

Ville’s strategic partnerships and expertise will contribute significantly to the growth of our organization. We are gearing up for innovation, strategic collaborations, and the formation of a world-class AI team that will redefine the future of QA testing.

AI-Driven Testing for a More Efficient Future

At, our vision has always been to revolutionize application testing through AI. By automating tedious yet vital testing processes, we aim to save time, money, and empower developers and increase motivation.