Ah, the holiday season… 

The Christmas lights are twinkling, Mariah Carey is belting out festive tunes at the top of her voice – it’s the time for family, festivities, and inevitable interrogations about your career in tech.

We’ve all been there! So, this year, as a gift to you, we’ve prepared some comebacks to the most common questions about AI… Let the inquisition begin!

Everyone’s ready to dive into the smörgåsbord. And just as you’re about to savor that first bite, your great aunt Karin seizes the moment to ask about your job… “So, your dad tells me you’re building AI now… Is it true you’re just automating everything, and the rest of us won’t have any work in the future”?

Oh, absolutely! We’re on a mission to automate everything, so we can spend our days perfecting the art of beach lounging and cocktail sipping. I mean, who needs jobs when you can have an endless vacation? 

Joking aside, it’s true that AI will have an impact on some jobs… but most positions are safe for now, but there’s no harm in embracing the power of AI. In the future we predict that people with algorithms will replace people without algorithms.

They stare blankly at you, uncertain what to make of your statement. They are wondering if their jobs are still safe or if they should add ‘register for an AI-for-dummies course’ to their list of New Year’s resolutions. You take advantage of this pause to take a sip of wine. But the moment of quiet is short-lived… 

“I’ve heard AI is like having a personal assistant”, your grandmother says. “Can it help me find my glasses”? 

You don’t need AI to locate your glasses… they’re on your head… But imagine if we had AI-powered kitchen appliances – your toaster might be quoting Shakespeare. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

“I heard AI can soon fly like Superman”, your cousin interjects. “Does this mean we’ll be able to have our groceries flown in”?

Drone delivery is around the corner, and I, myself am hoping for caped superheroes delivering my groceries. Picture it: Superman delivering avocados, Wonder Woman dropping off the milk. Wouldn’t it make our life more interesting? 

Your grandparents are starting to doze off… (you lost them at the mention of drones). But your uncle, a big fan of board games, takes the opportunity to seek your advice on an all-time family favorite.

“I’ve heard AI has beaten humans at Diplomacy. Can it join our annual family Monopoly game, so we don’t end up in a heated argument again”?

It is true that AI can strategize better than humans, but there’s something about bankrupting your family members that AI can’t quite capture… wouldn’t you agree? 

While I can recommend using AI to train and enhance your skills, such as in chess, I still really enjoy playing the game with my grandfather.

He (your grandfather) perks up after hearing you mention his name, which prompts him to ask a question he’s been pondering… 

“I don’t trust self-driving cars. Can we add an AI co-pilot”?

An AI co-pilot could be the solution to your navigational challenges. No more getting lost – unless, of course, you program it to take scenic detours.

By now, the kids have finished their food, unwrapped their presents, and joined the adults around the table. One of them, intrigued by AI’s knack for stand-up comedy, asks: “Any chance it’s going to replace Dad’s cheesy jokes”?

Well, it won’t be able to top my jokes, that’s for sure. (haha) However, I must say, AI has proven to excel at both poetry and cheesy jokes. So, dads, take notes from ChatGPT for this year’s joke marathon.

Someone else, clearly influenced by too many dystopian movies, chimes in: “In the movies, machines rebel. Do we need to worry about them marching in the streets”?While AI evolution is progressing rapidly, there’s no need to start barricading the doors just yet. No marching machines for now; we’re not living out ‘I, Robot’ nightmares.”

“Well, I prefer to be prepared for the AI revolution”, your grandmother says suddenly.“I’ve got a tin foil hat just in case AI can read minds”. 

I don’t think it will be particularly useful, although the design does suit you. But really, if AI could read minds, we’d all be in trouble. Imagine the chaos and arguments with AI broadcasting everyone’s inner thoughts… I don’t want to hear uncle Erik thinking he hates the jumper grandma hand-knitted for him, or Aunt Suzanne critiquing mom’s meticulously prepared food.

You see everyone cringe, coughing and shuffling awkwardly in their chairs; it’s clear they get the picture.

“I don’t want to use AI”, my brother says suddenly. “When it takes over, it will think I abused it…”

Politeness is key, whether you’re talking to humans or androids. Did you know that being emotionally expressive with AI isn’t just for show—it actually boosts its performance. So, be prepared to shower your virtual assistants with compliments and maybe a virtual hug.

So, there you have it – a very typical Christmas conversation and our responses. We leave you with one last consideration: Why not let ChatGPT compose a heartfelt message for your seasons’ greetings? Or let AI revamp your Christmas cards for a festive touch — just as we did with our picture: the QA.tech founding team in a Christmassy setting, all thanks to AI.

Wishing you the best of luck as you tackle all the questions, and may your comebacks be as smooth as Mariah Carey’s high notes.

Here’s to a holly, jolly, and algorithmically infused holiday season!